Black Widow or Scarlet Witch? What Your Favorite Female Superhero Says About You

The new Avengers film features a second female lead – but which is more your type?

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This Friday’s release of Avengers: Age of Ultron means more Marvel superhero derring-do on the big screen, and it also means more female superheroes in general.

Before Ultron, Scarlett Johansson’s character Black Widow was the female member of the team. But with the addition of Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, a longtime member of the Avengers in the comics, Black Widow becomes just one of the female Avengers, not the only one.

That’s an important difference. That means when kids play Avengers, Black Widow isn’t the only option for the kids who want to be the girl. Those kids have a choice now.

But what does your choice say about you? Here’s our take on these two female Avengers and some of the other top superheroines out there.

Black Widow

You’re that kind of girl who has no problem hanging with the guys. Whether by choice or not, you can feel comfortable when there’s not another woman in sight. You’re good at what you do and you don’t mind reminding people of this fact.

Also? No superpowers, no problem. A little hard work can still get you where you need to be.

Scarlet Witch

Since we haven’t seen the new Avengers yet, we have to go with what’s known about ol’ Wanda in the comics. In this case, you’re a walking YA novel. You’re way complicated. You’ve experienced more than your share of tragedy, sure, but it’s not always apparent on the surface how much is going on inside your head. You’ve got heaps of untapped potential, and if you could just get your head on straight, you’d be unstoppable.

Also? Daddy issues. In the comics, Scarlet Witch is the daughter of Magneto, but Magneto (and the X-Men) don’t exist in the Avengers universe. Hmm

Wonder Woman

You’re at the top of your game, but the top can be pretty lonely. Wonder Woman is literally the No. 1 female superhero – everyone else even approaching her level of fame is either a member of a team or a sidekick or a female version of an existing male superhero. Wonder Woman, however, is on her own, doing her own thing, being awesome. If you’re Wonder Woman, you’re a trailblazer, but you know it’s a lot of work to blaze that trail.

Also? You have good taste in jewelry. Bullet-reflecting bracelets for the win!


This longtime X-Men member can unleash meteorological phenomena wild enough to make even Thor jealous, but she does it all while maintaining a cool, composed demeanor. If Storm is your go-to, you probably see a bit of yourself in the way she’s a natural leader who never lets the stress get to her. Or you just think your hair would look good constantly billowing in a gentle wind.

Also? It’s possible you simply like the idea of a female version of Thor, but don’t forget: There actually is a female version of Thor.


If you’d pick Catwoman, then standard role models just don’t work for you. You’re edgier than that, because Catwoman has been straddling the line between hero and villain for a long time, even if she usually ends up on the side of good. You’re the type who’s more likely to worry about the welfare of animals than that of your fellow humans.

Also? You have a tendency toward workplace romances even though you know they’ll never work out.

The Invisible Woman

The female member of the Fantastic Four, Sue Storm eventually proved to be a lot more powerful than she initially appeared – and than that clunker of a name suggests. She can do some awesome stuff with force fields. If you’d pick the Invisible Woman, you’re a dynamo who’s so good at holding the group together that those around you might not realize you’re doing all the hard work.

Also? You understand how there are advantages to not always being front and center.


You’re sweet, but you’re very careful about who you let get close to you. Now, Rogue has a good reason to be standoffish: She can’t be touched without draining that person’s life force. Fingers crossed, you don’t have that power/curse too, but you’re similarly guarded. And when you let someone in, it’s on your terms.

Also? You might look great in gloves.


You have the power to be chipper in the face of some major bummers – you know, the whole home planet blowing up affected her too – and you’re an asset to any team you’re on. Supergirl has been wearing her female version of Superman’s classic outfit for years, and she seems content with being his female sidekick. You’d think she’d have become Superwoman after all these years, but some people are happy riding shotgun.

Also? You’re apparently cool with riding the coattails of your more famous relative to fame. Hey, it’s a legitimate strategy for many in Hollywood.

Black Canary

A leading lady of the Green Arrow comics and now the Arrow TV series as well, Black Canary is just now getting her moment in the mainstream spotlight after decades of butt-kicking in the comics. If she’s your favorite, you might just identify with how she waited and waited for her big moment. Her secret weapon is the supersonic Canary Cry, so you also just might be the loudest one the room.

Also? In the comics her signature look is fishnet stockings. Be honest: Have you been secretly wanting a good reason to hit the town in fishnets?

Jean Grey

Yes, she’s a gifted psychic, and yes, she inherits some spectacular cosmic powers when she becomes the Phoenix. But you can’t talk about the first-ever female member of the X-Men without mentioning the fact that she’s the object of the affection of both Cyclops and Wolverine. If you picked Jean, you maybe wouldn’t mind two literal super-hunks fighting over you

Also? You maybe wouldn’t mind being able to read those guys’ every passionate thought about you, you psychic sneak.


A reboot in the DC Comics universe finally got Barbara Gordon on her feet again after years of being confined to a wheelchair. However, in that wheelchair, Barbara served Gotham’s superheroes as Oracle, mistress of information. If you picked Batgirl, you admire Barbara’s spunk, you envy her physical prowess but most of all you’d like to think of yourself as the person who knows all and sees all.

Also? You’re charmed by the idea of how awesome you’d look riding Batgirl’s motorcycle from the Adam West Batman TV show.


She’s green, she’s beautiful and she’s maybe the least famous of the superheroines on this list. However, this cousin to the Incredible Hulk joins the Avengers in the comics, and we should be so lucky to ever see her realized onscreen. She’s a high-profile lawyer who doesn’t let her green skin tone stand in the way of professional success. If you picked her, you have fantastic taste. You don’t let your appearance define what you can achieve in life.

Also? You probably already realize that she deserves a David E. Kelley-scripted lawyer comedy. Who do we ask to make that happen?

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