Pop Quiz: Are you more of an "All I Want for Christmas Is You" or "Last Christmas" person? Find out what your favorite tune might mean

By Drew Mackie
December 02, 2015 12:15 PM

A Christmas pop song is a special thing. Old or new, the right song can instantly transport you to everything you love about the holidays. However, not everyone loves the season for the same reasons, so we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the better-known Christmas pop anthems and what they might say about the people who love them – and what those people might love about the holidays.

So what’s your favorite Christmas pop song?

A modern classic considered by many to be one of the catchier Christmas songs to debut in recent decades. If you picked “All I Want for Christmas,” however, you’re admitting that you wholly agree that you agree with the song’s message: You’d be down to forgo all presents this Christmas just to get some one-on-one time with your sweetheart. What, you didn’t realize that this was the ultimate anti-materialism anthem?

Well, just based on that title, you may have grown up celebrating some fusion of Christmas and Hanukkah – you know, the holiday that actually has eight days. If that mathematical oddness never occurred to you, then let’s presume that you’re all about the gifts at Christmastime – and good gifts, too. None of this “partridge in a pear tree” garbage. This song is kind of the anti-“All I Want for Christmas Is You” in that way, even if the final gift is “quality T-I-M-E.”

You’re the one who hears this at the office Christmas party, fashions a makeshift boa out of tinsel and does a dance that makes your H.R. reps shake their heads. For you, the holidays aren’t just about candy and parties. They’re an opportunity for romance.

Ditto everything previous. You just prefer to hear it sung by someone in her proper octave.

If you picked this one, there’s a good chance that the holidays make you sentimental. You think back to how you spent every previous Christmas – fondly but with a pang of nostalgia. But hey, there’s always the hope for that “someone special” this year. Isn’t that right, you hopeless romantic? Or on the other hand, you could just be a nut for George Michael.

You’re all about Christmas simplicity. McCartney has composed a lot of beloved songs, but there’s something rather plainspoken about this one, which strips away a lot of the stuff we pile onto the season and gets to the heart of the matter: “simply having a wonderful Christmastime,” as that catchy chorus says over and over. Why read deeper into things? Just enjoy the moment – that’s your motto.

You are from New Jersey. Or you’re a boss.

You’re a sucker for the classics. Menzel and Bublé are just the latest pair to cover “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” a longtime standard but also a song that focuses on a different aspect of holiday merrymaking than most – and it’s in good fun, so long as you overlook that outdated “Say, what’s in this drink?” part, which is less charming. But you just might love classics enough that it doesn’t bother you.

In their cover of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” Zooey Deschanel sang what is traditionally the male part and M. Ward the female part. In this cover, however, they play it straight. So if this is the holiday song that most speaks to you, you’re a sucker for standards and the romantic notion of someone who desperately wants to spend the next Christmas with you – even if they know they can’t be there physically. After all, that final line “if only in my dreams” adds a melancholy touch to an otherwise hopeful song.

The commercial aspects of Christmas don’t concern you. You’re more interested in the whole “peace on earth” aspect of the holiday – and let’s be honest, that seems like something we should all be asking for this season. These holidays, follow your heart, skip traditional presents, and give out charitable donations in the names of your loved ones.

Just like the woman narrating the song, you’d like to think you’re above all the Christmastime hubbub. When it comes down to it, though, and the right opportunity presents itself, you know you’re as much a sucker for the season as anybody else. Also, you have the best taste in music, because this actually is the best Christmas pop song ever. Well-picked.