Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Sisters Jemima, Domino & Lola Kirke

Inside the lives of the Kirke sisters

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Move over, Gigi and Bella Hadid, we’ve got our eye on a cool new sister squad.

Crushing the hearts of Gossip Girls fans everywhere, Domino Kirke and Penn Badgley, who started dating in 2014, wed in a courtroom ceremony that was attended by close friends and family — including her famous sisters, Jemima and Lola.

Jemima, 31, Domino, 29, and Lola, 26, have cemented themselves in various industries, with each Kirke sister successfully owning a wide range of interests — from painting and birth education to acting and singing.

So, what else do we know about Jemima, Lola and Domino? Keep reading to find out.

They all hail from London, England.

The Kirke sisters may have been born across the pond, but they all grew up in Brooklyn, New York, with their parents, Simon and Lorraine Kirke.

Jemima & Domino are moms.

Jemima, who is best known for her character in Girls, is parent to son Memphis, 4, and daughter Rafella, 6, whom she shares with estranged husband Michael Mosberg. Meanwhile, Domino is mom to 8-year-old son Cassius, her child from a previous relationship.

“[Motherhood] is a point of identifiable-ness,” Jemima said in a recent interview with her sister. “We can identify on that. If we ever fight, or don’t understand each other, or can’t relate, there’s always something we can appreciate in each other — that we’re both mothers.”

A love of acting runs in the family.

Jemima launched her acting career in friend Lena Dunham’s first feature film, Tiny Furniture, before scoring the role of Jessa Johansson in Girls.

Lola also caught the acting bug early on in life, having had a supporting role in Gone Girl and a current turn in Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle.

… Though Jemima wasn’t always interested in being an actor.

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The Girls star has regularly said she considers herself to be a painter first and foremost. “When I was eight or nine, [my mom] made the boiler room in our house into a studio for me and paid the art teacher at my school to teach me oil painting,” Jemima recalled to Bust in 2015. “I found something I was really good at and it was a source of pride for me.”

The sisters’ inherited their killer sense of style from their mom.

Their mom, Lorraine, is a clothing and interior designer and former owner of Geminola (the name derives from her daughters’ names), a vintage boutique shop in New York City’s West Village. Fun fact: The store’s offerings also made their TV debut, supplying more than a handful of outfits to the Sex and the City cast.

Jemima even wore an outfit from her mom’s vintage boutique in an episode of Girls.

On the first season finale of Girls, the actress is seen wearing a wedding dress from Geminola.

The sisters’ father most likely influenced Domino’s passion for music.

Simon Kirke was a drummer for both Bad Company and Free, while his daughter Domino is a singer-songwriter whose band, DOMINO, has collaborated with Mark Ronson and toured with Lily Allen.

… But singing isn’t Domino’s sole career.

Domino is vocal on social media and in interviews about her passion for birth education, eventually becoming a doula and starting up Carriage House, a pregnancy care center that provides resources (experts, herbalists and postpartum caretakers) for expectant and new moms.

“I was always interested in becoming a midwife, then at my own birth I didn’t get the support I’d hoped for, and that changed everything. That’s why I became a doula. There’s such a need,” Domino told New York Family. “And I just realized that my labor was so long and crazy that I was really good at supporting a woman in labor — it just felt so close to home … I really wanted Carriage House to be a safe space for women to come and have their needs met.”

They’re super close.

As evidenced by their sweet throwback snapshots. Here, a pint-sized Lola is cradled by older sister Domino, whose nuptials prompted Lola to post the pic. Jemima and Domino were particularly close, having shared a room up until the newlywed turned 13.

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