What You 'Don't' Know About Paris Hilton

The socialite shares her secrets about pheromones, working hard and staying "hot" 'til she's 75 in Esquire

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Some tidbits seem obvious. “Once I’ve worn a dress, I can never wear it again,” Paris Hilton tells Esquire.

But what you may not know, says the heiress, 27, is what happens next: “I give them to charities and they auction them off to help people with breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS.”

What’s more, says Hilton, those who think she doesn’t work are mistaken. “I was up making phone calls at 7 in the morning,” she says, “and I’ll be working until 1:00 a.m.”

On matters of attraction, Hilton – who admitted last month that she’s still in love with her ex, Benji Madden – says her fragrances come in handy. “I put pheromones in a lot of my fragrances,” she says, “and that attracts people to you.”

Her admiration for Marilyn Monroe helps too. “My grandma would call me Marilyn Monroe … Ever since I was little it’s what I knew I wanted to do – be a blond icon.”

Still, she acknowledges that the late Monroe is “going to be one of those people who’s talked about forever and ever. I don’t know if people will be talking about me that way when I’m 75.”

Luckily, Hilton is prepared for that day, too. “You may not be able to be hot when you’re 75. Like, young people won’t think you’re hot,” she says. “But your husband will.”

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