What Was David Duchovny Doing with an Avril Lavigne Guitar?

The actor, 53, stars in Showtime's new final season of Californication

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty

The star, who isn’t much of a cook (but can make a mean sandwich!) chatted with PEOPLE this week about “one last thing” …

Last meal I made
It was back in the Stone Age! I don’t think it counts as cooking, but my daughter [Madelaine West, 15] and son [Kyd, 11, with actress Téa Leoni] like my sandwiches.

Last thing I lost
I lose everything. Last night I went to dinner and almost lost my driver’s license. I was taking cash out to pay the valet, and I just happened to hear the click of the license hitting the ground. It would have been gone forever.

Last gift I purchased
It was for my daughter’s birthday in April, and she’s playing the guitar now – which I love. So I got her this Avril Lavigne black-on-black guitar with a skull on it. I realized that kids like to play a guitar that looks good.

Last time I laughed
We just had a tree trimmed, and there was a huge mound of clippings in my driveway that made it look like I was burying bodies. I was laughing about it with my neighbor [Chris Carter, the executive producer of The X-Files].

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