What Show is Too Easy?

The London-based insurance underwriters Goshawk Syndicate, the firm that insures ABC’s ratings sensation “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” is suing to get out of its contract. It claims the questions on the ABC quiz show are too easy, which puts the insurer at risk of shelling out too much prize money. ABC calmed viewers’ fears yesterday by saying, lawsuit or not, the network is planning no changes to the show. According to one interpretation of the lawsuit, Goshawk is essentially asking “Millionaire” to ask harder questions and pick dumber contestants. So far, two contestants have won the $1 million big prize. (In the original British version of the show, no contestant has ever made it to the top.) The suit to break the contract was filed in Britain’s High Court of Justice on Jan. 24 against Buena Vista Entertainment, Inc., the show’s producers.

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