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August 19, 2009 04:00 PM

Renée Zellweger may be developing an increasingly close friend in Bradley Cooper – the two have been seen getting cozy together in various corners of the world – but Tuesday night on the New York red carpet for her new movie My One and Only, the Oscar winner told PEOPLE that when it comes to what she looks for in a man, it’s the “same thing I look for when I choose to be friends with anyone I have in my life.”

And that is? “Kindness,” she says. “I like clever folks. I like people who are concerned with [what] the path they leave behind them looks like.” Also on the list: “empathy, humor, wit, self reliance and honesty.” As for attractive looks, “Doesn’t hurt,” says Zellweger, 40.

To her My One and Only colleagues, Cooper, 34, may very well fit the bill.

“He seems like a very likable guy,” said Aaron Ryder, a producer of the film. “Nice guy.”

“Cute,” said actress Robin Weigert, stating the obvious about Cooper.

And Zellweger obviously deserves likable, nice and cute, according to 17-year-old actor Logan Lerman – who plays her son in the romantic comedy. “In real life,” he says, “she’s the sweetest person I love Renée. She’s a movie mom to me. ‘Mama Z’ is what I call her. We went to a John Mayer concert together.”

Has Lerman seen Cooper in The Hangover? “Hell, yes,” he snapped at the My One and Only premiere, sponsored by SKYY Vodka and the Rouge Tomate restaurant.

“I saw it like two times. Bradley Cooper also started on this [2004] television show that I started on, Jack and Bobby,” said Lerman. “He was just guest starring on the show, and he’d play basketball with me. He was someone who inspired me to always be nice, always be a good person. So it’s awesome to see him becoming successful.”

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