Those outraged by the list of 100 top news stories of the century — revealed last week by the Newseum — have vented their collective spleens to USA Today. “Omitting Elvis Presley and his impact is ludicrous, especially considering the inclusion of the Beatles. Elvis and rock-n-roll in the ’50s literally changed the world, setting the stage for the Beatles and all other modern-day rock groups,” Gary Abernathy, of Columbus OH, wrote the paper. The Elvis exclusion is only the tip of the iceberg on what readers thought should be included on the list. Topping stories that did make the Newseum’s 100 was the atomic bombing of Japan followed by U.S. astronauts landing on the moon and the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. (Stories were selected by a panel of 67 journalists and historians.) Besides Elvis, who scored heavily, readers felt that these events should NOT have been overlooked: the Oklahoma City bombing; the O.J. Simpson trial; Mark McGwire’s home-run record; Princess Diana’s death; the Gulf War; and Three-Mile Island.

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