Credit: Everett

Though some fans might prefer otherwise, Natalie Portman is the love interest in Marvel’s Thor franchise, and she’s back for the latest installment, Thor: The Dark World.

Of course, being a superhero film, Thor: The Dark World will likely focus more on passions of the punch than passions of the heart, which makes it a hard sell for Portman‘s female fans. How to solve this problem? Jimmy Kimmel has the answer – turn the film into a romantic comedy called Thor Actually.

The parody trailer puts Portman’s Jane Foster in the spotlight as a single girl who’s “looking for love in all the wrong places.” If you thought Bridget Jones‘ struggles were bad enough, Jane’s got to deal with something even worse: the imminent destruction of the Earth. Kind of puts those horrible online dates in perspective, doesn’t it?

Watch the trailer below. The real Thor: The Dark World is in theaters now.

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