5 Things Donald Trump Probably Learned While Reading PEOPLE's Story About His Ex Wife Marla Maples

We couldn't help but notice what Donald Trump had lying around in his now-infamous taco bowl Facebook post

Photo: AP

Donald Trump declared his love for Hispanics in a Facebook post on Thursday, wishing everyone a “Happy Cinco de Mayo” – while digging into a $13.50 taco bowl from Trump Tower Grill.

Stars and social media users alike were quick to sound off about the thumbs-up picture, but as the #Hispanics hashtag made Twitter’s trending topic as a result of the presidential hopeful’s post, we couldn’t help but notice something else on display in the photo.

Among a slew of papers on Trump’s desk sat PEOPLE Magazine’s 2016 World’s Most Beautiful issue – and the business mogul appeared to be reading up on his ex-wife Marla Maples.

Here are five things the presumptive GOP nominee probably learned while reading PEOPLE’s story about his ex wife.

1. Maples Lives in a 740-sq.-ft. Apartment

Maples, 52, tells PEOPLE that she has never been one to revel in the glamorous lifestyle associated with her ex-husband.

“I kind of giggle about it when I hear people describe me living some lavish lifestyle,” she says. “I live in a 740-sq.-ft. apartment. Who are they talking about?”

She recently relocated from California to New York – Trump’s stomping grounds – to be close to her and Trump’s 22-year-old daughter, Tiffany.

2. Sometimes Tiffany Skips Class to Campaign For Her Father

The 69-year-old’s youngest daughter has joined the rest of the Trump clan on the campaign trail for the outspoken, presumptive GOP nominee.

And sometimes her support for her father has come at the cost of her college education.

“I miss some classes because I feel that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Tiffany tells PEOPLE.

Maples says her daughter is built for the campaign life, though.

“She’s really strong,” Maples says. “She has a bit of a thicker skin that me.”

3. Maples Joined the Peace Corps to Escape Scandal in 1989

In 1989, a then 25-year-old Maples was dubbed the “ other woman” during Trump’s divorce from his first wife Ivana.

“It was awful. They wouldn’t leave my family alone,” Maples says.

She headed to Guatamala with the Peace Corps in 1990, “to get away from where anyone knew me.”

Her absence didn’t help, though. And Maples says her father urged her to head back to the U.S. when the headlines didn’t dissipate.

“My father called me and said, ‘Honey, it’s not getting any better. I think you’re going to have to come back and deal with it.’ ”

4. Maples Plans to Stay in the Limelight

Maples has virtually kept a low profile after her 1999 divorce from Trump, but has been steadily reentering the public eye recently and even competed on season 22 of Dancing with the Stars – “I am very happy for her,” Trump said of Maples joining the competition.

Now, Trump and the rest of the world can expect to see more of Maples.

“I’ve been hosting quite a bit, and now I have more time to focus on that,” she tells PEOPLE.

She is working on a memoir as well.

5. She Auctioned Off Her Engagement Ring (In Case Trump Didn’t Already Know)

Maples got a relatively small settlement in the divorce – reported to be less than $2 million. She later auctioned off her engagement ring and other items to generate funds.

“People saying, ‘He pays her not to talk about him?’ – that’s not true,” she says. “I feel very blessed for how my life is, but I do have to laugh when people think I walked away with a fortune.”


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