The four-time Grammy winner, 50, releases his next album, Strut, on Sept. 23

By People Staff
September 03, 2014 12:00 PM

Lenny Kravitz is set to release his next album Strut later this month, but the 50-year-old rocker admitted he had a “really ridiculous” dream involving one of his Hunger Games costars when he chatted with PEOPLE this week about “one last thing” …

Last dream I had
It sounds really ridiculous, but I was somewhere with Jennifer Lawrence. We were hanging out with a bunch of people, and she was standing next to me. I texted her when I woke up. But I didn’t tell her about the dream!

Last time I laughed out loud
I’m around a lot of funny, interesting people, and I laugh out loud every day. That’s essential. Mostly at myself. Like right now I’m in rehearsals with my band, and things get really funny and I just crack myself up.

Last time I was impressed
My cousin, who’s staying with me, is going through a very hard life moment, dealing with a serious disease, and she’s handling it with such grace and strength and faith. She’s blowing me away right now.

Last time I splurged
I redid the top floor of my house in Paris. That would be all kinds of things. Furniture, wallpaper, lighting, lots of stuff. I didn’t feel like I got it right the first time.