May 08, 2007 02:00 PM

Paris Hilton’s next project: the Spartan life.

The jail cell that she’ll likely call home for 45 days will be 12 feet by 8 feet – not much bigger than an average Hilton hotel bathroom – and offer the barest of amenities: toilet, sink, 6-inch-wide window and a mirror of polished metal.

The Century Regional Detention Center in Los Angeles County, where the hotel heiress was ordered to arrive by June 5, offers three low-sodium meals a day, dinner being the only hot meal. (The only meat is poultry.) Breakfasts are served between 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

Inmates are not permitted to wear makeup, highlights or hair extensions. In terms of wardrobe, they are allowed only two pairs of socks and panties each, reports. Hilton will also have to wash her own underwear in the shower, since the detention center contains no laundry facilities.

The Simple Life star will receive a certain type of VIP treatment, though not the kind she is used to: she’s headed for the “special needs” section of the jail.

“It houses high-profile inmates, such as former police officers or other public officials who could be targets [by other inmates],” says sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore. “This is to ensure her safety, as well as [that of] the jail staff. She will not be among the general population, her association with other inmates will pretty much be limited to others in that special unit, which has 12 cells total with two beds each. She will likely have a roommate.”

Blackberries and cell phones are not allowed, and Hilton will see her social schedule severely curtailed – inmates in segregation are allowed little more than an hour outside their cells each day to shower (five minutes only, with plain soap), watch TV in a common room, walk in a guarded area outside, or talk on the phone. And visitors will have to speak with Hilton through a glass partition.

The only potential bright spot? With good behavior, Hilton may be able to build up enough credits to leave six days early. •Additional reporting by KEN LEE

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