Kristen accidentally invited some strangers to her wedding and wound up making some new friends

By Kelli Bender
Updated July 24, 2014 02:05 PM
Credit: Courtesy Hackneysfinest/Instagram

UPDATE: PEOPLE is speaking to the groom at 3 PM for the full story behind the viral #westillcoming wedding moment. Check back soon for more details.

One bride found out the hard – and hilarious – way that you should always double-check the phone number before you hit “send.”

A couple’s accidental text is now going viral after being posted to Twitter and Instagram. According to, Detroit couple Kristen and Rob texted out invites to their June nuptials and post-ceremony BBQ, accidentally sending one to a stranger by mistake.

As seen in the exchange, the recipient responds, “You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there.”

When the bride-to-be tries to backtrack, the uninvited guest replies, “We still coming.” The photo accompanying the story shows the dude wasn’t lying – the newlyweds were joined by a throng of new friends during their wedding photos.

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This amusing tale of an accidental text message has gone on to find a new life online, especially Twitter, with people making the phrase “we still coming” into a trending hashtag.

Several web users have suggested this story is a hoax, but most are holding out hope that these wedding crashers are the real deal.

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