The Blade star comes out swinging against New York City for its part in an interstate case


Blade star Wesley Snipes has sued New York City, charging that it has no jurisdiction to arrest him as part of an Indiana paternity case that he blames on a “mentally ill crack addict” who claims she gave birth to his child.

The suit, filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, seeks a ruling invalidating an arrest warrant issued by a New York family court judge. The Manhattan judge took the action on an interstate paternity petition reportedly filed in Indiana by Lanise Pettis, 33, New York’s Daily News and the New York Post report.

In his suit, Snipes charges that the woman has made other claims to be the mother of several children of celebrities, reports Reuters. He said that the woman began having delusions about him after seeing Blade.

The News reports that Pettis pursued the case in Indiana once it had been dismissed in Illinois and authorities there recommended that she receive counseling.

Snipes, 42, a husband and a father, claims he has never met the woman, and cites in his suit that the allegations have caused him to be mocked, including in a skit on Saturday Night Live.

The actor did not appear in court on Monday. A hearing seeking a temporary injunction to quash Snipes’s arrest warrant and demand that he provide a DNA sample is scheduled for Wednesday.

Says Emily Sweet, a lawyer for New York City: “The city has seen preliminary papers in this case. We are evaluating them thoroughly, but cannot comment further, as this is now a pending legal matter.”