Wendy Williams Shows Off Her Favorite Room of Her House

"I'm a very personal decorator," the talk show host tells PEOPLE

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty

The color black puts Wendy Williams at ease.

The talk show host, 48, recently gave PEOPLE a tour of her home, specifically her favorite space – the showcase room where she made it clear: “I don’t like white walls.”

Explaining that everything to her starts with a dark wall, she says, “I think black is a neutral. It’s not much, but it makes me happy.”

She’s also arranged all the room’s décor herself, hanging her own art all over the place.

“The reason that it’s my favorite is because I’m a very personal decorator,” she says. “I feel as though a home should be lived in, even a living room. No one ever comes in here because there’s no TV. But if they did, I wouldn’t kill them. There’s not a whole lot to break.”

The busy TV personality doesn’t spend a whole lot of time in her dwellings, but when she is there, she likes it to feel cozy.

“I love our house, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” she says. “It’s not about it being big. It’s not about things being expensive. It’s about three people who live a fast life, who need a safe place – and that’s our home.”

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