"It nearly brought me to my knees," she tells Wendy Williams. "So I said, 'The concerts are over'"

By People Staff
March 01, 2011 11:05 AM
Sarah Rice/The Wendy Williams Show

The pain started in her side, Aretha Franklin reveals – and was so bad it “nearly brought [her] to her knees.”

During a talk with Wendy Williams set to air Tuesday on The Wendy Williams Show, the 18-time Grammy winner says that discomfort “was my first inkling that something was wrong, that something wasn’t what it should be.”

As for canceling her performance tour, the Queen of Soul, 68, says, “The pain was so hard it nearly brought me to my knees. So I said, ‘The concerts are over. I have to go and find out what is wrong.’ “

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Franklin also discussed the star-studded tribute paid her at last month’s Grammy, her dramatic weight loss and the disappointment of having to cancel her anticipated tour.

Still, she remains vague in regard to questions about her recent surgery.

“In December we all found out that you were having abdominal surgery,” Williams presses. Franklin’s reply: “Hmm Is that what you heard?” Neither confirmed nor denied is her rumored battle with pancreatic cancer.

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