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The answers will surprise you

December 02, 2015 05:20 PM

We love the Valencia filter on Instagram enough to use it in, like, all of our photos … but maybe not enough to, say, name our firstborn after its gloriously flattering glow.

These days, you’ll see some very not-so-John-and-Jane names gaining popularity in the kindergarten classroom: In addition to naming kids after Insta filters, Mileena and Blaze (from Mortal Kombat) shot up in popularity this year.

And they’re not the only ones: Danger, Mars, Sultan, Juno, Amari, Haze, Cash are among the unique monikers popping up more and more on birth certificates across the nation, reports BabyCenter in its annual list of the most popular baby names. (Sophia and Jackson held their spots at the top this year.)

Can you identify these popular baby names in a crowd of weird words? Take our quiz and find out:


Tell us: Would you choose one of these names for your child? And what’s the most, uh, 2015 name you can think of?

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