By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated October 18, 2002 01:00 PM

JOEY’S JIVE: Joey Tribbianni’s alter ego, “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc, told reporters he could contemplate a spin-off series revolving around his character once “Friends” ends its nine-year run on NBC next May. “There could be six spin-offs,” LeBlanc, 35, told TV’s “Extra” in an interview. As he also told “If it was done correctly and the idea was right, and I trusted the writers and the people running the show, the show runners, absolutely I would consider it,” says LeBlanc. “It allows me to have dinner with my family every night, it allows me to sleep in my own bed every night, I can see my dogs, I can drive my own car. You have some semblance of a real life.”

WOUNDED ‘WING’: “The West Wing” is slipping in the ratings. Over the past two weeks the show has posted its lowest numbers since its first season in 1999, according to Nielsen Media Research. Compared to a year ago, when “West Wing” viewership soared above 20 million, the audience has consistently shrunk each week this fall. Last week, the show slipped to 16 million viewers. Most alarmingly, Reuters reports, the NBC series is losing adult viewers under age 50, the demographic most coveted by advertisers. The cause, says the Los Angeles Times, seems to be the stiff rival on ABC, the romantic reality show “The Bachelor.”

ROSIE WILTS: After an 18-month ride that culminated in bitterness and multimillion-dollar lawsuits, Rosie magazine, a publication that was meant to be a happy sounding board for TV’s former Queen of Nice Rosie O’Donnell, is officially dead, its publisher, Gruner + Jahr USA, announced Thursday. The December issue of Rosie, which will be the publication’s last, is due to hit newsstands Nov. 12. O’Donnell’s publicist, Cindi Berger, said in a statement: “Rosie is saddened that they wouldn’t transition the magazine to keep the staff employed. Because the magazine wasn’t going in the direction that she envisioned she just wanted to take her name back.”

CAGE CASH: Nicolas Cage is $1.6 million richer after cleaning out his closet. The “Leaving Las Vegas” Oscar winner — and recent groom of Lisa Marie Presley — pocketed that tidy sum after unloading at an auction his personal comic book collection, including a copy of Superman’s 1938 debut, Reuters reports. All told, there were 400 titles in the Cage catalog, all of which went to various buyers. “He had a very good eye for quality,” Heritage Auctions chairman James Halperin said of Cage, 38, who apparently was not on hand as the bids came in.

DOUGLAS DUE: Catherine Zeta-Jones, 33, and Oscar-winning hubby Michael Douglas, 58, are expecting their second child in the spring of 2003, the couple announced on Douglas’s Web site. “Apparently, with the upcoming release of Michael’s next film, ‘A Few Good Years,’ which stars three generations of Douglases, Michael and Catherine felt there was room for some more!” the Web site says. The Douglases have one son of their own, Dylan Michael Douglas, 2, who has a prominent Douglas trait — a dimpled chin, as proud grandfather Kirk Douglas, now 85, pointed out.