By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 21, 2003 11:00 AM

‘JOE’ BLOW: Just days after Evan Marriott picked Zora Andrich to share his life — and a $1 million check — there are rumblings that all is not well in the land of FOX’s “Joe Millionaire.” “Is it possible to find true love in just a month with someone?” Andrich, 29, tells this week’s PEOPLE. “I never rule out anything. But honestly, I think it would be highly unlikely.” Marriott, 28, meanwhile, says he was turned off by Andrich’s seeming lack of appreciation for her surprise $500,000 windfall, and goes on to talk about the woman he didn’t choose, Sarah Kozer, 29. “(We) got along like gangbusters,” he says, “better than a lot of ex-girlfriends I’ve had.”

CLEAN OSCAR: Oscar organizers are said to be concerned about Eminem performing his Best Song nominee, “Lose Yourself” from the film “8 Mile,” at the March 23 Academy Awards, given the Grammy-winning rapper’s reputation for spouting expletives. Faced with that possibility, Oscarcast producer Gil Cates, 68, assured reporters, “Eminem has an airplay version of that song,” and that’s the version he will be expected to perform. “We would not knowingly have anything on the show which would be offensive,” Cates added.

BASHIR’S BEST: British TV documentary maker Martin Bashir, who helped boost Michael Jackson’s profile with his “Living with Michael Jackson” (which aired on ABC and pulled in 27 million viewers), now has his sights set on profiling Madonna, according to Britain’s Sky News. But, so far, there has been no confirmation of a deal between Martin and Madonna. Hello! magazine, meanwhile, reports that Bashir wants to put Elizabeth Hurley, 37, under his microscope. Another possible Bashir target is said to be controversial fighter Mike Tyson.

OZZIE OSTRACIZED: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and son Jack opened their Beverly Hills home to journalists to announce the lineup for the eighth annual Ozzfest, the head-banging tour that will kick off June 28 in San Antonio, reported Reuters. The news about returning there was not music to Ozzy’s ears, however. During an infamous drunken stupor in the Texas town in 1982, Ozzy, now 54, urinated on the historic Alamo. “I won’t be allowed back into (bleeping)-in’ town,” he mumbled to his guests.

SHEEN TEAM: “The West Wing” president Martin Sheen took the helm in a TV commercial urging Americans to join a Feb. 26 “virtual march” on the nation’s capital to oppose a war with Iraq. Sheen, 62, along with actors Janeane Garofalo and Mike Farrell, joined representatives from the National Council of Churches, Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, Greenpeace, NAACP and Physicians for Social Responsibility to announce the anti-war campaign under a newly formed coalition called Artists United to Win Without War. The group is pressing Americans to deluge Washington with e-mails, faxes and phone calls and advocate a peaceful solution to the Iraqi crisis.