Plus: Martha Stewart goes home, Neverland?s secret hideaway, and more

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 04, 2005 04:00 PM

SPLIT SHEENS: Actress Denise Richards, six months pregnant with her second child by actor Charlie Sheen, filed for divorce from the Two and a Half Men star Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing “irreconcilable differences.” “We are deeply saddened by the recent events and out of our love and concern for our (soon-to-be-year-old) daughter Sam, our unborn child and each other, we ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time,” said a statement from the couple to PEOPLE. Richards, 34, and Sheen, 39, were married in June 2002.

MARTHA HOME: Working like clockwork, Martha Stewarts carefully engineered release from West Virginia’s Alderson Federal Prison Camp took place at 12:30 a.m. Friday morning as the domestic diva was taken to a nearby airport in a motorcade of two black SUVs with darkened windows. By mid-morning, she could be seen feeding her horses at her 130-acre Bedford, N.Y., estate, where, outfitted with an electronic surveillance ankle bracelet, she will remain under house arrest for the next five months.

OSCAR BOUT: Sunday proved a bonanza night for Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood‘s somber boxing drama that won a total of four Oscars at the 77th annual Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Actress Hilary Swank, Best Supporting Actor Morgan Freeman and Best Director Eastwood. Jamie Foxx took home the Best Actor prize for Ray, and, doing Million Dollar Baby one better, five Oscars went to The Aviator, its major win being for Supporting Actress Cate Blanchett.

JACKSON TRIAL: The 18-year-old elder sister of Michael Jackson‘s accuser said on the stand this week that the star’s associates tried to control her family’s whereabouts for a month in early 2003 and that she had caught Jackson serving alcohol to her brother in a bedroom littered with bottles. She also said that there was a private chamber “with sleeping bags” leading to a wine cellar behind a video arcade at Neverland Ranch. Asked by reporters after the testimony how it felt to see the young woman again, Jackson replied: “Interesting,” then added, “Frustrating.”

LINDSAY LASHES: Lindsay Lohan lashed out at her troubled father, who has asked for a cut of his famous daughter’s earnings as part of his divorce from Lohan’s mother, Dina. All that Michael Lohan ever did for his daughter was “go out and not come home at night and make my mom and me stay up and wonder where he was,” the Mean Girls actress told W magazine. “So I don’t think he deserves anything ? He doesn’t even deserve my respect.” As for Michael’s proposed reality show based on his family’s life, Lindsay says: “As sick as it sounds, a reality show might help, actually. At least then people could get to the truth.”