September 10, 2004 01:00 PM

OLSEN SINGLE: New college student Mary-Kate Olsen, 18, and boyfriend David Katzenberg, 21, have broken up, a source told PEOPLE. Olsen and Katzenberg, who began dating late last year, ended their relationship a week ago in Los Angeles before both flew east to attend college – she at New York University, he at Boston University. “It was a mutual parting of the ways and amicable,” said the source. “Being at different schools played a part. It’s reasonable for her to start school fresh.” Olsen’s rep declined comment.

CLINTON RECUPERATES: Bill Clinton reportedly rested comfortably in intensive care this week, talking with family members and taking liquids and eating soft foods a day after his Sept. 6 quadruple heart bypass surgery at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. “He is awake and alert,” the hospital said in a statement. Late Monday night, a breathing tube was removed, allowing the 58-year-old former president to speak and breathe on his own.

‘DUKES’ CAST: Warner Bros. is ready to put up its Dukes: Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott have just been cast, respectively, as fast-drivin’ Luke and Bo Duke in the big-screen adaptation of the 1979-85 Dukes of Hazzard TV series, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue. And while the role of Daisy Duke is not yet hers, Jessica Simpson, 24, dressed the part in a denim miniskirt when she showed up on the studio lot in Burbank Sept. 1 to meet the pair.

KIDMAN’S CAREER: Veteran screen siren Lauren Bacall, 80, publicly refuted a description of her costar, Nicole Kidman, as a “legend,” telling a British TV interviewer: “She’s not a legend. She’s a beginner.” The notoriously outspoken Bacall – who appeared with Kidman, 37, in last year’s Dogville and the new Birth, which received a poor reception at this week’s Venice Film Festival – insists the two of them enjoy “a fabulous relationship.” But as for Nic’s legendary status: “What is this ‘legend’?” Bacall balked. “She can’t be a legend at whatever age she is. She can’t be a legend, you have to be older.” Still, there appeared to be no tension between the actresses, who were side-by-side at Wednesday’s gala presentation of Birth, PEOPLE reported.

JENNINGS JEOPARDIZED: The Jeopardy! winning streak of Ken Jennings may be over. TV Week magazine reported that the Utah software engineer finally lost in an episode taped Tuesday – after 75 games and $2.5 million in his bank account. The episode in which he finally loses will not air until the fall. Reps for the show are not commenting on the report. But the loss would end a streak that began June 2, turning Jennings, 30, into a star and helping boost the long-running game show’s ratings.

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