Plus: Lindsay Lohan blasts Dad, Cameron snaps at photog, and more

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated November 12, 2004 01:00 PM
Credit: X17

BRITNEY’S PEROGATIVE: Britney Spears’s new CD, My Prerogative, hit stores Tuesday, while she hit fans with word on her Web site that she plans to spend less time focusing on her career and more on “myself, my husband, Kevin, and starting a family.” Just back from her Fiji honeymoon, Spears, 22, said: “I can’t wait to have my own Christmas tree in my very own house. Because when we decide to start a family, everything in it needs to be perfecto!”

ARAFAT BURIAL: The body of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was flown from Paris to Cairo Thursday for a memorial service before his burial in the West Bank on Friday. Arafat, 75, died at a French military hospital outside Paris, where he had been for two weeks under treatment for what doctors described as digestive and blood disorders. Arafat’s duties have been handed over to four new leaders, signaling hope that there may be an opportunity to renew peace talks with Israel.

LINDSAY UNLEASHED: Michael Lohan – who has not seen daughter Lindsay, 18, since August – remarked in a magazine about her recent hospital stay, “I’ve heard the rumors, and I won’t condone drinking and drugs,” prompting the teen queen to see red, PEOPLE reported. She told Access Hollywood, “I have tried to keep quiet long enough. Unfortunately, my father has continued to move forward with his actions as a cry for attention. He has started false allegations regarding myself and the cause of my illness. I feel this is hurtful, and it angers me to see that my own father would stoop to such a level.”

DIAZ DEFENSE: Cameron Diaz, 32, and Justin Timberlake, 23, grabbed a paparazzo’s camera when the shutterbug surprised them outside a Hollywood hotel last Saturday. Their reps say they were “ambushed by two men, who jumped out of a concealed hiding place on a dark, deserted street late at night. Any actions by Diaz and Timberlake were merely taken in self-defense.” The publicists added that Diaz gave the camera to the police so they can identify the men.

CARTER COVERUP: Nick Carter, 23, won’t always have Paris. Last week the singer got a skull-and-crossbones tattoo at a Marathon, Fla., parlor to cover up the “Paris” tattoo he got on his wrist in July when he and hotel heiress Paris Hilton were still going strong. The pair dated for seven months, but split up just three weeks after the Backstreet Boy got his tattoo.