Plus: The Olsens go public, Amber wraps testimony, and more

By Todd Peterson
Updated August 27, 2004 04:05 PM

SPEARS WEDS, SORT OF: Britney Spears and fiance Kevin Federline are going for a practice run down the aisle. The couple will be seen tying the knot in the new video for Spears’s latest single, a cover of the Bobby Brown song “My Prerogative,” it was announced this week. The track is one of two new songs that will appear on Spears’s greatest hits album, due Nov. 16. The video will premiere next month – but no word on when their real-life wedding will take place.

A DAILY SHOWDOWN: Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry faced off with Jon Stewart Tuesday night, as the fake-news funnguy interrogated the Massachusetts senator on Comedy Central’s Daily Show. “I watch a lot of the cable news shows, so I understand that you were never in Vietnam,” Stewart said, to which Kerry jokingly replied: “That’s what I understand, too, but I’m trying to find out what happened.” The interview followed recent claims that Kerry exaggerated his actions during the war, where he served on a Navy swift boat and earned five medals. When asked if he also “flip-flopped,” as Bush and his opponents have charged, Kerry said he’s also “flap-flipped.”

FREY FINISHES: Amber Frey, the former mistress of Scott Peterson, wrapped up her testimony in his double-murder trial this week, as defense lawyer Mark Geragos cross-examined her about whether Peterson ever said he loved her. “Not in those words,” Frey replied, as Geragos tried to cast doubt on prosecution claims that Peterson killed his pregnant wife Laci in order to pursue a relationship with Frey. Later in the week, detective Steven Jacobson took the stand, as transcripts showed Peterson lying several times and appearing disinterested in reports about his missing wife. Peterson has pleaded not guilty.

GWYNETH TELLS ALL: In her first interview since giving birth, Gwyneth Paltrow sat down with Oprah Winfrey on Thursday to discuss her 3-month-old daughter, Apple Blythe Alison Martin, as well as her husband, Coldplay rocker Chris Martin, and the origin of her baby’s name. “Apples are so sweet and they’re wholesome and it’s biblical,” explained Paltrow, 31. She also told Oprah that being a mom has opened a “whole new dimension in emotion.” Paltrow will be next seen on the big screen in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, costarring Jude Law, who also appeared on Oprah’s show.

BIG MOVE: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became East Coasters last week, moving from Los Angeles to their new home in New York, where they will attend New York University this fall. The 18-year-old twins will eventually move into a $7.3 million penthouse in Greenwich Village, which isn’t quite finished yet. But before classes start, the girls are hightailing it to Miami for Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, where they will be presenters at the show. It will be the girls’ first public appearance since Mary-Kate completed a six-week rehab program for an eating disorder.