WEEK AHEAD: Jennifer's New 'Alias'

Plus: Amber Frey opens up, Craig Ferguson takes Late Late Show seat, and more

Jennifer Garner is back as CIA superspy Sydney Bristow on Alias Wednesday. PEOPLE has the scoop on the ABC show’s return, plus other events to watch for in the coming week:

SUNDAY, JAN. 2: Want to relive the days of Krystle and Alexis’s catfights? Big shoulder pads and gaudy dresses? ABC’s Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure will take you back down memory lane with a two-hour dramatization of the evolution of the hit 1980s soap opera about the lives of the filthy-rich Carrington clan. The satirical movie takes a look at how the show went from cult favorite to ratings blockbuster and how its stars (including Joan Collins, Linda Evans and John Forsythe) handled their rising fame – and battled out-of-control egos.

MONDAY, JAN. 3: After beating out a host of other candidates, Craig Ferguson will settle into his chair on the Late Late Show. The Scottish actor-writer-producer-director, who competed with (among others) D.L. Hughley and his former costar Drew Carey for the gig, had an unusual choice for a first-night guest: author Kurt Vonnegut (who turned him down). By his own admission, Ferguson plans on making his version of the Late Late Show a friendly place to visit. As he told New York’s Daily News, his advice for guests coming to his neighborhood: “Relax. I’ve got your back.”

FOX is hoping to tug on your heartstrings with their one-episode reality show Who’s Your Daddy? The premise: A woman is reunited with her biological father, but she’s got to figure out which of eight potential dads claiming to be her real dad is her actual pops. The catch: If she chooses the correct father from the crop, she wins $100,000. If a faux dad convinces her he’s family, he wins the money. The eventual outcome: a teary daughter-and-father reunion, though not exactly the kind you’re used to seeing on Oprah.

TUESDAY, JAN. 4: Amber Frey thought she had met the man of her dreams when she was set up on a blind date with Scott Peterson. Instead, she ended up in the middle of a nightmare. In her book Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson, the woman who was Peterson’s mistress discusses what it was like to find out that the man she loved was “a world-class liar” and details the role she played in getting him convicted of murder. The massage therapist from Fresno, Calif., agreed to tape phone conversations with Peterson in late 2002, which helped unravel his web of lies. And meeting Laci Peterson‘s family, she writes, “took a huge weight off my shoulders, just knowing that they knew that I wasn’t the enemy.” Frey’s interview with Matt Lauer on Dateline appears on the same day as the book’s release and segments from the interview air on the Today show on Jan. 3 and 4.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 5: Jennifer Garner is back in butt-kicking action with the two-hour season premiere of Alias. This season brings a new cast of characters (including Oscar-nominated Angela Bassett as new CIA director Hayden Chase) and exposed secrets. Among them: Garner’s chameleon-like Sydney Bristow learns a life-altering secret about her father (Victor Garber). And fans will get a double dose of Ben Affleck‘s new Jen when she hits theaters on Jan. 14 in the Daredevil sequel Elektra.

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