April 29, 2005 04:00 PM

ABC’s Primetime Live is promising an “explosive” look at FOX’s talent show American Idol in an exposé titled “Fallen Idol” airing Wednesday, May 4. PEOPLE looks at the much-hyped special, plus other events to watch for in the coming week:

SUNDAY, MAY 1: After being canceled in 2002 due to sliding ratings, FOX’s animated Family Guy victoriously returns to the small screen at 9 p.m. Loyal fans who snapped the show up on DVD helped revive the series, which follows the bizarre Griffin clan. The family includes the Ralph-Kramden-like Peter, his wife Lois, talking dog Brian, their diabolical talking baby Stewie, and teens Meg and Chris. In the first new episode, the Peter (voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane), steals a print of the unreleased sequel to The Passion of the Christ and battles Mel Gibson in a parody of the classic thriller North by Northwest.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 4: ABC News finally airs its highly anticipated Primetime Live special investigating FOX’s American Idol. The network issued a press release saying that the show will explore “explosive claims about behind-the-scenes activities at American Idol.” The release follows reports that booted 2003 contestant Corey Clark is peddling a book proposal in which he reputedly claims to have had an affair with Idol judge Paula Abdul. Abdul’s attorney, Martin Singer, reportedly fired off a letter telling ABC to steer clear of unsubstantiated allegations about her. “There’s a false story that’s defamatory to Paula,” her rep told New York’s Daily News. “Her lawyer responded to that.”

THURSDAY, MAY 5: Pat O’Brien, host of the entertainment program The Insider, will resume his anchor duties Thursday, a little over a week after checking out of rehab. The 57-year-old longtime TV personality entered a rehab facility in March, saying: “I have had a problem with alcohol. I have decided to take action by checking myself into an intensive recovery program. Overcoming this problem is a top priority in my life and I am excited to return to work as soon as I am able.” Insider executive producer Linda Bell Blue told Variety earlier this week: “I spent time with Pat recently and he’s looking and feeling great.” In a statement, O’Brien said: “I plan to continue my recovery with the help and support of my family, colleagues and friends.”

Movies (now in theaters): The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, starring Martin Freeman, Zooey Deschanel, Mos Def and Sam Rockwell; XXX: State of the Union, starring Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson
Music (in stores Tuesday): Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth; Aimee Mann, The Forgotten Arm; Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Cold Roses; Star Wars – Episode III: Revenge of the Sith soundtrack, House of Wax soundtrack
DVDs (in stores Tuesday): The Phantom of the Opera (2-disc special), starring Emmy Rossum, Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson and Minnie Driver; National Treasure (widescreen edition), starring Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger; Spaceballs (widescreen collector’s edition)

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