November 12, 2004 08:00 AM

In its 10th week, with five more to go, The Apprentice 2 opened its Thursday night episode with Donald Trump assembling the troops at Tavern on the Green, the restaurant in Manhattan’s Central Park that, as Trump noted, hosts a lot of weddings.

The much-married Trumpster also cracked that he, unfortunately, knows more about weddings than he would care to. Very soon after, so did the two teams, whose assignment was to get into the bridal business.

The advantage immediately went to Sandy Ferreira of the Mosaic team – who owns a bridal salon. Meanwhile, bungling from the start was Apex project manager Chris Russo, 30, a stockbroker from Long Island who not only begged to lead the team but was reputed to be able to sell anything.

He quickly showed that he could not sell space to wedding suppliers at a bridal convention he was trying to assemble, as prospective clients kept hanging up on him. He also showed he was no gentleman, calling one woman who hung up a “bitch.”

Sandy, on the other hand, got off to a boffo start by hitting New York bridal shops and buying up wedding dresses that weren’t selling, so Mosaic could offer them cheap. Shrewd move.

When the rice – that is, the dust – settled, Mosaic produced a beautiful bridal shop that generated a profit of $12,788.94, compared to Mosaic’s pitiful $1,060.47.

Trump rewarded the winning team with $50,000 of merchandise from Graff Jewelers, the same bauble supplier used by Trump for the engagement ring he gave fianc e Melania Knauss.

As for the final, expected showdown (which left eight candidates still standing) Trump addressed Mosaic project manager Russo and declared: “I can’t believe that you led the team so badly – and Chris, you’re fired.”

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