The clip has been watched more than 22 million times on Facebook

By Alex Heigl
January 22, 2016 12:30 PM
Westone Productions

[facebook url="" /]I’d rather have this performed at my wedding than “Pachelbel’s Canon.”

A haka is a traditional war dance performed by different Polynesian and Pacific Islander tribes, including the Maori of New Zealand. New Zealand’s rugby team, the All Blacks, performs one before every game, but you rarely see them performed Stateside unless videos of a performance go viral – for example, when 1,700 students at New Zealand’s Palmerston North Boys’ High School performed a haka in honor of a deceased teacher.

The clip above is the first wedding haka we’ve seen go wide. While the all-out yelling, wild-eyed facial expressions and rhythmic stomping of a haka may seem slightly out of place at a wedding reception at first, the chills hit pretty quickly, especially once you see how emotional the bride gets during the performance.

The clip, filmed by Westone Productions Limited at one of their employees’ cousin’s weddings, has quickly made the rounds, notching nearly 22.5 million views on Facebook. And with good reason: It’s a truly beautiful display of this oft-misunderstood tradition.