Wedding Bells for French Prez and Carla Bruni?


Another weekend getaway, another romantic backdrop and now – a wedding date?

Having seen the Great Pyramids last weekend, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and girlfriend-of-two-months Carla Bruni jetted off from Paris again on Friday, this time to visit Jordan as guests of King Abdullah II.

Accompanied by Bruni’s 6-year-old son Aurelian, the couple visited Aqaba on Friday and toured the ancient rose-colored city of Petra on Saturday. They also spent two hours exploring the Nabatean archaeological site (depicted in the film Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade).

But back home, they were still grabbing headlines. France’s authoritative Journal du Dimanche – a paper with close ties to the President – devoted more than half of its front page to a photo of the pair, accompanied by a banner headline reading: “They Getting Married! On February 9?”

“The date is now set,” the paper announced. “Carla Bruni will become the third Madame Sarkozy on the 8th or, most probably, February 9th.” Since Journal du Dimanche is owned by industrialist Arnaud Lagardiere, a close Sarkozy friend, the paper’s pronouncement could set the stage for a formal announcement this week.

Still, the Journal does note that, “certain of his friends are worried about the speed of the romance.”

Indeed, Sarkozy has wasted no time. The 52-year-old divorced his second wife, Cecilia, in mid October, and has been inseparable from Bruni, 39, since Nov. 23, when he met the supermodel-turned-singer at a Paris dinner party. After Christmas, she was been spotted sporting a pink, heart-shaped diamond on her left hand, fueling reports of an engagement.

The Elysee Palace has steadfastly refused to respond to questions concerning the President’s private life since his relationship with Bruni became public knowledge.

Palace press chief David Martinon told Reuters early Sunday afternoon: “We’ve no comment to make.” But Sarkozy himself is expected to address the rampant speculation at a press conference on Tuesday.

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