The hotel heiress is "looking into" possible legal action against

By People Staff
Updated January 24, 2007 08:30 PM

Think you’ve seen enough of Paris Hilton?

A new Web site called reveals there’s so much you didn’t know about The Simple Life star.

Launched Tuesday, the site offers up everything from steamy videos of the hotel heiress in bed and the tub to bank statements and pictures of her dog.

Hilton had once kept all these items in a storage facility, but they were auctioned off after she failed to pay her bill. The belongings are now in possession of the Web site operator, who’s making them available for $39.97 – not so discreetly billed to Visa or MasterCard as “Online Exposed.”

And although not happy to see her personal belongings paraded on the Internet, Hilton hasn’t unleashed the lawyers – yet.

“We are looking into it,” says her rep Elliot Mintz, “and Paris is reserving all of her legal options.”