March 21, 2002 10:25 AM

Kris Kristofferson, Travis Tritt, Billy Ray Cyrus, David Lee Murphy and others gathered in Nashville, Tenn., on Saturday night to pay tribute to country music’s fallen outlaw, Waylon Jennings, reports the Associated Press. Jennings, who died last month at 64, was one of country music’s undisputed legends, his career spanning more than 50 years. Singer Travis Tritt spoke of his friend’s “refusal to do anything other than his own way, his ability to put one foot firmly in the realm of traditional country music, and the other in the middle of rock ‘n’ roll, and stand his ground.” In addition to video of Jennings performing and spoken and sung tributes from friends, the band Stargun, led by Jennings’s son, Shooter, played. Fans at the memorial also were treated to a recording of the last song Jennings wrote and recorded, “The Dream.” In it, he sings, “All I can say is I’ve had it both ways, and the dream could never compare.” The enraptured audience greeted the songs with shouts of “God bless you Waylon!” and “We love you Waylon!” reports the AP.

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