April 08, 1998 12:00 AM

Brad Pitt is under attack. His effigy at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Times Square is the most-fingered dummy in the place, reports The New York Times. That’s apparently not the only body part that brushes up against it. “We get a lot of lipstick marks on Brad Pitt,” Janine Scarpello, the museum’s general manager, told The Times. “Poor guy. He’s probably the highest maintenance.” She added that Donald Trump and Baby Spice have their hair mussed a lot. Regis Philbin’s figure also lost a finger, thanks to a tourist who reportedly was taking a picture of the wax Whoopi Goldberg and backed into Reege. An official at the Las Vegas branch of Tussaud’s told The Times that Brad’s effigy there suffers from the occasional lipstick mark, too. In Amsterdam, however, it is Nicolas Cage who appears to be the favorite target — but only of photographers, not maulers. Then there’s the original London branch of Tussaud’s. Its Pitt has had a few but memorable problems. Said a spokeswoman: “Once they found a pair of knickers in Brad’s pocket.”

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