May 03, 2016 07:05 PM

Tegan Marie is “feeling lucky.”

The 12-year-old singer – who debuted her new single “Lucky Me” in April – has just released the song’s official lyric video, which shows Marie performing in and out of the studio, doing a photo shoot and of course, meeting with her adoring fans.

“It’s all about me being so lucky of getting to do what I love every single day, and then sharing the luck with other people because anybody can be lucky,” Marie tells PEOPLE about the song, which benefits Hurley Children’s Hospital located in Marie’s hometown of Flint, Michigan – where the devastating water contamination crisis occurred.

Tegan Marie
Courtesy of Sweety High

“The kids, families and friends are all getting affected by this water – and I wanted to step in and help,” explains Marie about choosing to give the song’s proceeds to the hospital.

“It’s my latest single so I [wanted] it to be for a special cause,” she adds.

Along with her new song and fundraising work, Marie will hit the road Friday with her country crush, Hunter Hayes.

“It’s going to be so awesome,” says Marie, who jokingly adds she’s looking forward to marrying Hayes, 24.

“I was actually bawling my eyes out when I found out I was going to be opening for him for three shows,” she continues, “Which is incredible!”

And Marie hopes to one day interpret Hayes’ Grammy-nominated tune, “Wanted,” which she admits made her fall for him.

Tegan Marie
Sean Gowdy

“I think that was actually his first hit and it means a lot to him,” explains Marie. “And it means a lot to me because that was the first song I heard from him that made me fall in love with him.”

As for her favorite memory of her career so far, Marie says, “Getting to see the smiles on people’s faces” when she performs and “just knowing” that she makes “people happy.”

And although Marie has a budding singing career (and can feel older when she does “all of these interviews”) she admits in some ways she still feels like a kid.

“I still go to school,” says Marie. “And I still have a lot of fun doing what I love, which is singing.”

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