Stanley Tucci briefly forgot he'd already worked with Emma Thompson on Beauty and the Beast in hilarious interview moment

So much for on-set bonding!

Stanley Tucci was on British morning show Lorraine on Wednesday when the topic of conversation turned to his upcoming movie, The Children Act, with Emma Thompson and his excitement to work with her for the first time. After singing her praises, the actor hilariously realized he had in fact worked with the British actress before — and very recently.

“She’s incredible. I’d never worked with her before, we sort of knew each other slightly,” Tucci, 56, said before quickly backtracking. “Oh no, that’s not true! We did Beauty and the Beast together, forgive me.”

When host Christine Bleakley laughed and said she knows his movie catalog better than he does, the actor made light of the brief mental lapse.

“That’s so embarrassing. Who’s Emma Thompson?” Tucci jokes.

The actor starred as Maestro Cadenza in the Emma Watson movie while Thompson played Mrs. Potts. The two teamed up (again!) for the movie adaptation of the Ian McEwan book The Children Act, which is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in September.