#FlashbackFriday: Watch Drew Barrymore Get Knocked Out in This Classic 'Fever Pitch' Scene

Flashback to the classic "Fenway Frank" fail with Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon

Photo: 02th Century Fox Film Corp.

A decade has past since Fever Pitch was released starring Jimmy Fallon as the Red Sox-crazed Ben Wrightman and Drew Barrymore as his girlfriend, Lindsey Meeks.

In this classic movie, the adage “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” became “Lindsey is from Venus and Ben is from Fenway Park.”

The two somehow fall hard for one another in the off-season – after their first date ends in Fallon cleaning up after a food-poisoned Barrymore. But, as the crackerjacks start popping, Barrymore realizes her fan-boy may never be able to choose their relationship over the game.

Per most rom-com endings (spoiler alert!) all ends well for the pair, and Barrymore ultimately announces she’s expecting a little bambino.

A decade later, it looks like things are still going well for the duo off-screen as well. Barrymore surprised the audience on The Tonight’s Show’s 2015 Super Bowl episode by performing the famous Dirty Dancing lift with Fallon during one of his memorable lip sync battles alongside Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

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