Jenn McAllister and Jack Baran team up to conquer their fears – one jetpack at a time

By Grace Gavilanes
August 07, 2015 03:00 PM

Fresh off this year’s VidCon – YouTube’s very own prom, if you will – Jenn McAllister of Jennxpenn is adding to her epic online empire with a spankin’ new web series.

The show, titled First Times with Jenn & Jack, follows the adventures of McAllister and her YouTuber BFF Jack Baran of Thatsojack as they try out new experiences (Zip-lining! Jet-packing! Skydiving!) on a west coast road trip.

PEOPLE scored an exclusive first look at the pair’s inaugural episode – and it’s super cute (watch above). In the premiere episode, McAllister and Baran strap on jetpacks and head toward the ocean to finally achieve McAllister’s dream to walk on water – without face-planting, of course. Their first go proved to be so memorable that Baran felt as if “a part of me is missing now that I don’t have this contraption on me.”

“I took it off – I felt like I was Iron Man coming out of my suit,” adds Baran.

The duo, who regularly appear on each other’s Instagram accounts, have even shared sneak peeks of what’s to come on their show, which has so far been shot in Sonoma, California, and Santa Cruz. Scroll through to check out behind-the-scenes snapshots and get a taste of what’s in store for the duo by watching their first episode above.