The SNL alum helped make a cancer-survivor's wish come true

By Alexandra Hurtado
Updated June 22, 2015 06:50 PM
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Fire safety is no laughing matter – unless of course it involves Bill Hader pranking an entire high school.

The SNL alum helped pull off an elaborate prank at the request of Iroquois High School senior Grace Aroune. A thyroid cancer survivor, Aroune enlisted Hader through the Make-A-Wish foundation to pose as a firefighter making a fire safety video. Aroune wanted to make sure her wish was a memorable one – something that her family and friends could enjoy with her.

Hader, 37, was in full firefighter gear – and a very large mustache – as he carried out Aroune’s wish in multiple classrooms at the Elma, New York, high school, giving students terrible advice under the alias “Mike.”

The Inside Out actor told students they “won the lottery” with their participation, explaining to one group that their video was going to be viewed by fire stations in Singapore.

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One unsuspecting teacher asked firefighter “Mike” why no ladders are provided out of windows, to which the comedian responded, “Money!” However, if it was up to “Mike,” every window in the country would be equipped with a ladder, even if it’s just three feet off the ground.

During the course of the prank, Hader also revealed a surprising fact to students: The beeping that comes from smoke detectors is actually Channing Tatum’s voice sped up. According to firefighter “Mike,” Tatum is a good friend of the fire apartment. Who knew?

Making students stop, drop and roll and even push him on a stretcher, the actor made his rounds before revealing his true identity at the school’s assembly, using his Stefon voice over the loudspeaker.

Watch Hader pull off the hysterical prank above.