Tori Nelson took matters (and clippers!) into her own hands after finding her student in tears

A fourth-grade teacher is taking a big stand against bullying.

Tori Nelson, a teacher at Winlock Miller Elementary School in Winlock, Washington, promised to shave her head after she noticed one of her students in tears from the harsh comments he was getting about his new haircut on Monday.

The 9-year-old’s shaved head revealed a bald spot from an old scar, and he didn’t want to take off his hat.

“He refused to come into our classroom and would not remove his hat,” Nelson told Q13 Fox News. “After talking to him for a while, I finally said, ‘If I let you cut my hair so it’s just like yours, will you come learn with us and take your hat off?’ ”

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During lunch, Nelson brought in a pair of clippers and allowed the young student to shave her full head of hair in front of her students.

“Now if anyone makes fun of you, they’re also making fun of me,” she told Matthew.

According to the news station, Nelson took to her Facebook page to say, “Today I heart being in a situation where I can help other[s] succeed. He cut my hair after lunch and now no one is ashamed or embarrassed…except maybe my mom. I’m sorry mom!!”

We’re thinking Mom will be okay with this decision!