Washington Redskins Star Sean Taylor Critical After Shooting

The 24-year-old NFL player was airlifted from his home in Miami to a hospital

Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty

Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor is in critical condition after being shot at his Florida home today under as-yet-undisclosed circumstances.

The 24-year-old NFL standout was airlifted from his home in suburban Miami to Jackson Memorial Hospital after being shot in the lower body sometime in the early hours of Monday morning, the Associated Press reports.

Palmetto Bay police responded to a 911 call from Taylor’s girlfriend at about 1:45 a.m. and are still investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Few details have been disclosed, including how many times Taylor had been shot or whether it was the result of a burglary or robbery. Taylor’s family, some of whom were present in the home at the time of the shooting, have asked the hospital not to release any information regarding his condition.

The media-shy Taylor, who had been enjoying a strong season with the Redskins before missing the team’s last two games due to a knee injury, has been an occasional subject of controversy on and off the field.

He has been frequently fined for various NFL infractions, and in 2005 Taylor was accused of brandishing a gun at a man and repeatedly hitting him during a fight that broke out after Taylor and some friends went looking for the people who had allegedly stolen his all-terrain vehicles. The safety pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors and received18 months probation, but was allowed to continue his NFL career.

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