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January 21, 2016 06:15 PM

These caring parents deserve a “Most Supportive Family” award!

After an ordinance protecting the rights of all Houston, Texas, residents was repealed in November, Joan and Craig Wilson, of Snohomish, Washington, took out an ad in the “Celebrations” section of Sunday’s Houston Chronicle congratulating their teenage son on coming out as gay in 2014.

The heartwarming advertisement featured a picture of their son Drake, a 17-year-old Snohomish High School senior, with the caption, “The parents of Drake are pleased to announce that their son has come out.”

The loving parents go on to write, “Drake is currently a senior in high school where he is captain of the tennis team, ASB Vice President, and NHS member. He is a church deacon and enjoys film making and baking. And yes, he adores Barbara Streisand.”

Drake says his parents ran the idea by him first and he thought it could be a good way for LGBTQ kids in Houston “to know it’s ok to be themselves.”

“Some people think coming out of the closet is stupid,” Drake tells PEOPLE. “But it’s something extremely hard and personal. I was lucky to have the most supportive community, but some kids aren’t so lucky.”

The teenager’s submitted the celebratory ad specifically to the Houston, Texas, news outlet after a campaign for gay and transgender rights in the city, called HERO (Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance) by its supporters, was repealed earlier this year.

“It broke my heart when the proposition failed in Houston,” Drake’s mother, Joan Wilson, tells PEOPLE. “This was my way of showing my pride and installing courage of other parents in the city.”

The mom adds, “All parents should love their children unconditionally!”

Drake came out as gay on August 1, 2014 in a public video he put on his YouTube channel, Drakey Drake.

In the video, the teen thanks his family for “being an example of how all families should be.”

Drake also expressed his sentiments on the progress of global LGBTQ rights, “I’m thankful to the world I’m grateful that it’s allowing change in a positive direction.”

The humorous high schooler quips, “I could be straight if Beyonce was single but she ain’t!”

You go, Drake!

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