See 5 Real-Life Disney Castles You Can Rent (PHOTOS)

An estate in Florida reminiscent of the home of Frozen's Princess Elsa and Princess Anna is just one location where guests can live like Disney royalty

Photo: Walt Disney Studios/Homeaway

Getting the royal treatment isn’t just for Kate Middleton or Disney movies anymore.

Here are five locations where guests can live like kings – or at least princesses.

Aladdin: ‘Sultan’s Palace’ a.k.a. The Marrakech Villa

The Sultan forced his daughter Jasmine to live a life of seclusion within the walls of his palace in Agrabah, but if that castle was anything like this look-alike Moroccan villa, there would have been plenty to keep her busy. The four-bedroom home includes a heated pool and detoxifying steam room and sleeps 10, so there is certainly room for any mysterious new princes in town.

The Little Mermaid: ‘Triton’s Castle’ a.k.a. Casa Caracol

Complete with a 180-degree view of the Caribbean Sea, this Isla Mujeres castle is probably the closest to living like Princess Ariel that a landlubber can get while vacationing in Mexico. There’s even a private pool to practice flipping your fins in, though you might not get too far.

Pocahontas: ‘Powhatan’s Home’ a.k.a. The Mynachlog-ddu Cabin

Those wanting to ask the grinning bobcat why he grins may get an answer to their question while staying in this yurt at the foothills of the Preseli Mountains of the United Kingdom. Just like Pocahontas, guests can spend the day near the water, with great spots for whale-watching right off the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Snow White: ‘The Dwarfs’ Cottage’ a.k.a. Glengarriff Cottage

Surrounded by two acres of tropical gardens and lawns, this charming Irish dwelling is the perfect place to live out any Snow White fantasies without the fear of a witchy neighbor peddling her poisoned fruit. And it appropriately sleeps eight! Just make sure not to bunk with Sneezy.

Frozen: ‘Princess Elsa and Princess Anna’s Castle’ a.k.a. Middle River Manor

For some Frozen fans, lip-syncing their favorite tune from the film while driving may be enough. But for those who want to ride their bikes around the halls of Arrendelle like Anna, this Fort Lauderdale estate proves a worthy surrogate. And with eight bedrooms, the Manor is not a place one would mind being cooped up until the coronation.

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