Despite impressive ratings — nearly 20 million people tuned in to see Barbara Walters interview John and Patsy Ramsey on “20/20” last Friday — not everyone was, well, impressed. Colorado Gov. Bill Owens implied on “Good Morning America” on Monday that the Ramseys, who had previously shunned interviews in connection with the brutal 1996 murder of their 6-year-old daughter JonBenet, chose to speak to Walters because she practices “easy journalism.” He also said that the Ramseys should stop hiding behind their lawyers and public relations representatives. Owens actually made these statements to Walters herself, who was subbing yesterday for regular “GMA” host Diane Sawyer. Responded Walters: “Well, Governor, with all due respect, sir, there are many people who felt the questions we asked on Friday were not easy journalism.” Not to Owens. “They didn’t go to Peter Jennings, they didn’t go to Tom Brokaw. They went to you. And I think we should have expected more from the interview,” he said. Replied Walters: “I’m not here to defend myself.”