Disney Now Enforcing an Aggressive Anti-Selfie-Stick Policy at Parks

The Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been a special problem, apparently

Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty

The most magical place on Earth is becoming a little less self-centered.

Selfie sticks, the extendable rods that grasp your phone or camera to better allow for the all-important selfie, are a controversial topic at tourist attractions the world over. (We much prefer the term used by Coachella: “Narsisstics,” which we think is a misspelling, though the intent is admirable.)

And Disney World is just the latest venue taking a hard-line stance against the tourist tool: Signs are going up at various rides across the parks reinforcing the park-wide policy against selfie sticks, which pose a threat to rider safety as they extend beyond the safe borders of the ride’s enclosures. (Apparently the Magic Kingdom’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has had an especially high number of incidents where this was a problem.)

Space Mountain, too, has a sign posted at its entrance, and Walt Disney World News Today reports that greeters at ride entrances will be asking patrons to stow their sticks “or the attraction will be stopped immediately.”

Selfie stick, we hardly knew ye.

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