A Minnesota couple creates a YouTube sensation with their Bollywood-style ceremony

By Xiomara Martinez-White
July 24, 2009 01:20 PM

Talk about kicking up your heels. In a YouTube clip sweeping the Web, Minnesota couple Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson, both 28, turned the traditional wedding processional into a Bollywood-esque dance sequence to Chris Brown’s “Forever.”

Bridesmaids and groomsmen donned sunglasses, the bride twirled and shook her hips and the brown-suited groom somersaulted his way to the altar.

Since the couple posted the video of their June 20 wedding, it has been watched more than 1.42 million times on YouTube.

On a Today show appearance Friday, the couple said the routine was fairly spontaneous. Given only an hour and a half to rehearse, Peterson said, “People were sort of making it up as they went, people just got really into it and went for it. We just gave them a general layout.”

The dance sequence was Peterson’s idea. “I danced growing up and was a dancer through college and loved dance as a way to express yourself and share joy. So it was something I always thought about doing.”

It took little effort to get Heinz on board: “[It was] the first thing we really decided about the wedding that he wanted to do.”

“If that was a ceremony,” observed Today host Matt Lauer, “I don’t know how you survived the honeymoon!”
from Huffington Post
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