September 22, 2016 03:05 PM

There are countless reasons to head to the polls on Nov. 8, and now some of America’s most famous voters are sharing theirs.

As part of Voting Because – USA Today Network’s newly unveiled initiative that aims to spread awareness about the importance of voting in the 2016 presidential election – stars like Kendall Jenner, Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Parsons, Rosario Dawson and more have spoken out about why voting matters to them.

“#votingbecause I love my country,” Parsons wrote.

“#votingbecause I’m an American,” said Kimmel.

And Jenner said she’s “#votingbecause I can!”

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Athletes like the NBA’s John Wall and Thad Young also shared their “because,” with Wall writing, “#votingbecause it’s my duty!”

Andy Yost, CMO of USA Today Network, said in a statement that “there is no bad ‘because.’ ”

“This election cycle has been emotionally charged, with lively debates on key issues showcasing the diverse perspectives among the public. However, the act of voting, and its importance, is something we can all agree on,” he said.

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“We hope the #votingbecause campaign informs and empowers communities we serve to get out and vote. We believe that as long as citizens are voting, there is no bad ‘because.’ “

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