Who's the sexiest Chris? Which celeb has the best butt? And most importantly: manscaped or au naturel? These are the pressing questions about who (and what) is sexy now that need your immediate attention


We know you have thoughts about who’s hot – and what’s not – in 2018. We see you in our Instagram and Facebook comments, drooling over Noah Centineo, Joe Manganiello and Justin Timberlake. And we also see you debating the finer points of what particularly earns that “sexy” designation. Is it scruff or a clean-shaven face? A dad bod or super-chiseled abs? And isn’t it time we finally settle, once and for all, who is the hottest Chris in Hollywood?

Well, the time has come to make your voice officially heard. We’ve got polls that require your vote in three very important categories, and we can’t wait to reveal the official results in our Sexiest Man Alive issue, hitting stands Nov. 9. Click below to register your opinions in our voting tool, then make sure to pick up an issue to see if your preferred Ryan reigned supreme; if your vote for Best Butt was heard; and if your take on the eternal question of “What’s Sexy Now” is the same as the rest of America’s.

Right now, we’re spoiled for choice among Hollywood’s most stunning Ryans, Chrises, Jasons and Matts. It would be nearly impossible to pick our favorite one of each. That’s why we’re turning the voting over to you. VOTE NOW

Who’s got the best butt? Whose eyes could you stare into for hours? We conveniently provided the photos to make it easy for you to answer this difficult question over 9 key categories. VOTE NOW

Fit or funny? Beach vacation or city getaway? Buff vs. dad bod? A lot has changed since John F. Kennedy, Jr. took the Sexiest Man Alive title 30 years ago, and we want to know how your tastes reflect that. VOTE NOW