The Dancing With the Stars favorite is editor at large of a new magazine

By Jon Warech
Updated December 19, 2006 09:00 AM

There’s no moss growing on Vivica A. Fox’s feet after her run on Dancing with the Stars. But there may be ink on her fingers.

The actress has a full career plate, including doing a stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm, producing two independent movies – and working as a journalist.

“I have a magazine called Jolie, which is a fashion magazine which stands for ‘live pretty,'” Fox told PEOPLE in Miami on Saturday. “I’m editor at large, which basically means my responsibility is that I interview whoever is on the cover and I also recruit cover models.”

Of the publication itself, “We are gearing toward minorities,” says Fox, 42, adding, “So far we’ve had myself, Tyra Banks, Kimora Lee Simmons, LisaRaye Misick – who is the First Lady of Turks and Caicos – on the cover. We celebrate the fabulous life.

“We are a magazine that is about encouraging, having a positive attitude and no matter what size you are, from a two all the way up to size 20, that you are fabulous and that you are loved and beautiful too.”

When it comes to interviewing celebrities, Fox says, “I’m enjoying it,” though “I do have to remember that as a celebrity (myself) I am different. I’m very sensitive about certain taboo subjects. There may be a better way to ask a question than to just come straight out and turn the celebrity off.” But she adds: “I’ve got that finagling power.”

As for where this may all lead, Fox says, “I’m trying to be a person with a career that has a lot of versatility to it, so that they can’t say that I just play the girlfriend or just play the wife.”