From Angelina Jolie's leg to Donald Trump's hair, PEOPLE breaks down the most talked-about attributes in Hollywood

By Patrick Gomez
Updated January 15, 2015 05:00 PM
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic; Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic; James Whatling/Splash News Online

Thanks to his Calvin Klein ads, Justin Bieber‘s body has been front and center all over the Internet lately.

This got us to thinking: What other famous bodies have people talking?

Here’s a list of some of the most meme-orable body parts around:

1. Most Talked-About Arms: Michelle Obama

Even before her husband was sworn in as commander in chief in 2008, the first lady’s arms were already gaining fans and inspiring women across the country – including Kirstie Alley – to tone up.

“I don’t feel pressure to satisfy other people’s expectations,” the first lady told PEOPLE in 2014 of staying fit for the cameras. “But I have high expectations for myself.”

2. Most Talked-About Hair: Donald Trump

The mogul may be as famous for his ‘do as he is for his catchphrase, “You’re fired.”

3. Most Talked-About Leg: Angelina Jolie

The star of the 84th Annual Academy Awards was Jolie’s leg. Within minutes of her posing on the red carpet in her black Atelier Versace gown, the Unbroken director’s appendage had its own Twitter handle.

At the height of @AngiesRightLeg’s popularity, it had over 14,000 followers.

4. Most Talked-About Package (Casual): Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston‘s fiancé got pulses racing after a scene of him jogging in sweatpants in the premiere episode of his HBO hit The Leftovers went viral.

Theroux even admitted to Conan O’Brien that the wardrobe department made him put on extra layers of underwear for future sweatpants scenes.

5. Most Talked-About Package (Dressy): Jon Hamm

The actor’s usage (or non-usage) of underwear has been a very heated topic since Hamm skyrocketed to sex-symbol status when Mad Men premiered in 2007.

But Hamm himself likes to play down the focus on his physique.

“It’s silly,” he told PEOPLE in May. “First of all, it’s completely arbitrary. Point me to 50 people online who think I’m super sexy, I’ll point you to 50 more who say, ‘He’s old and looks like my dad.’ It’s not universal. If you buy into that, you’re crazy.”

Sure, Jon, sure.

6. Most Talked-About Tongue: Miley Cyrus

When the “Wrecking Ball” singer isn’t busy belting out her hits, it’s likely that her tongue is enjoying a little fresh air.

Seriously, it’s always out.

7. Most Talked-About Derrière: Kim Kardashian

It broke the Internet. ‘Nuff said.