The actor has learned a thing or two about dealing with his nieces and nephews

By Tim Nudd
November 08, 2007 01:50 PM

Video courtesy Buena Vista Entertainment
Reality TV has its critics, but Vince Vaughn says he’s grateful for one show in particular – Supernanny, whose lessons he’s taken to heart when playing with his nephew and three nieces.

“I never want to discipline them, I just want to have fun with them. But when you get two kids together, sharing can be a problem,” the Fred Claus star said Thursday on Live with Regis & Kelly. “So you’ve got to figure out, How do I make this stop? And that’s where the show Supernanny has come in handy for me.”

Vaughn’s two sisters, Victoria and Valerie, each have two kids – Dexter and Stella, and Veronica and Viviana. When things get a little out of hand at playtime, the actor says, “I do a little ‘super-uncle-nanny’ thing” – which works “ish,” he said.

Vaughn, 37, has no kids of his own, but has clearly been sucked in by the ABC program, in which British nanny Jo Frost goes head to head with all sorts of possessed youngsters.

“You watch the show, these kids are terrors,” Vaughn said. “They’re hopped up, they’ve been eating candy. The nanny comes in. Naughty chair, boundaries, everyone hugs each other, the chauffeur drives her away. It’s an amazing thing!

If his super-uncle-nanny thing doesn’t work this holiday, Vaughn can always take the kids to the movies, now that he’s starring in a child-friendly film.

“It’s nice to have something that they can watch,” he said. “The movie’s just played so tremendously with kids.”