Vin Diesel shared a photo of him and Paul Walker as he prepares for the eighth The Fast and the Furious movie.
Credit: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Filming on Fast 8 has begun, and the cast is keeping the late Paul Walker in their hearts.

Vin Diesel, Walker’s costar for seven The Fast and the Furious movies, shared a photo of himself with Walker as he gave an update after the first week on set of the new film, the first without Walker.

“Many of the crew members who have worked on several of the past Fast films are here again to help us make something special,” Diesel captioned the photo that showed both actors smiling.

He continued, “One of them at the end of the week came up to me and said wow what we are capturing on film is excellent … And then looked at me and said Paul would be proud.”

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Ludacris spoke to PEOPLE earlier this month about his memories of Walker.

“He was my brother. We had a shared bond over our birthdays, which are both in September,” he said at a supporting Make-A-Wish Georgia event. “When you lose a family member, you lose a part of yourself.”

Walker died in a November 2013 car accident at the age of 40. His daughter, 17-year-old Meadow, is currently involved in a lawsuit that alleges the Porsche the driver who caused the crash was driving was lacking basic safety features.