Taylor Swift, Tom Holland, Zendaya and more celebrities who have shared hilarious videos of themselves after surgery

By Andrea Wurzburger
October 08, 2019 04:52 PM

If you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth taken out (or any other minor surgery), chances are you’ve either ordered your friends and family to secrecy over your laughing gas antics, or you made them film them for your Instagram followers to see.

When you’re a celebrity, it just so happens that your Instagram follower count can consist of millions and millions of people. From Tom Holland’s extremely meme-able post-surgery face to Julianne Hough’s loopy holiday song cover, these videos of celebrities after surgery are truly a gift to the world. Who knew that laughing gas could be the world’s true equalizer?

Taylor Swift’s Banana Breakdown 

Jimmy Fallon surprised the “Lover” singer with a video of her, loopy after Lasik surgery, when she stopped by The Tonight Show in October 2019. How did Fallon get his hands on the video? “Your mom may or may not have videotaped you after surgery … and she gave us the video,” he said.

Swift replied, shocked, “For the television!?” In the video, the 29-year-old gets emotional about some bananas. The singer tries to get a banana for herself from a bunch and does not get the one that she was hoping for. “That wasn’t the one I wanted!” she says, on the brink of tears. Her mom, Andrea, tells her that she can’t cry over the banana, and that she’ll eat the one that her daughter picked. Swift says, worried, “But it doesn’t have a head.”

The video then cuts to Swift in bed with the banana, as her mom tells her, “Don’t fall asleep eating the banana!” Taylor, protective goggles and all, replies, “I’m not asleep, my mind is alive!”

Simone Biles’ Wild Ride 

The record-breaking, history-making gymnast shared a whole different side of herself when she uploaded a quick video post-dental surgery. At one point in the video, Biles starts pretending to drive a car, even letting out a “beep, beep!” before simply laying back and resting. The olympian tweeted, “I honestly have no words! Enjoy!!!!! Hope it makes you laugh!!!!” 

Tom Holland’s Spidey Senses Are Tingling 

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star struggled to sit upright in bed after he had one of his wisdom teeth removed, eventually getting help from a friend as he made some hilarious faces and used his ice-pack as a cell phone. To be fair, Holland’s Spidey senses were probably not at their best post-wisdom teeth surgery.

Zendaya’s Post-Surgery Lewk

The Euphoria star wasn’t sure if she’d share her wisdom tooth removal journey with the world, especially because, she explained, “I look a hot ass mess.” Before hitting Instagram Stories to share her experience, Zendaya posed with her ice packs firmly affixed to her head.

Zendaya says at the start of her videos, “I got my mom with me … all because I’m a little baby and need my mom to take care of me.” She adds, “I feel great, so you’re not gonna get a fun, exciting, embarrassing story.” We’d beg to differ, Zendaya!

In one clip, Zendaya marvels that, though her mouth is totally numb, her “lips are hella soft, though,” adding, “shout out to moisturization.”

Jennifer Garner‘s Thoughts on Hamilton 

The musical theater phenomenon Hamilton is well-loved by critics and theater-goers alike, but perhaps the best of the show’s reviews came from Jennifer Garner. Through laughter and tears, Garner explained that they played “the sad part of Hamilton” while she was getting dental surgery, which caused the actress to start crying. When asked if she was okay, Garner decided to tell everyone about the musical (created by Lin-Manuel Miranda) exclaiming on the phone with a friend, “It was so beautiful, that musical! So I told them about it!”

Julianne Hough’s “Met Ball Fashion Look”

“Hello, my beautiful people! I just wanted to inform an exclusive of my Met Ball fashion look,” Hough told her followers after getting her wisdom teeth removed. Hough, who had her wisdom teeth extracted in December 2016, shared the hilarious video as a throwback in May 2017. She didn’t just talk about her Met Gala fashion look, the dancer also sang “O Holy Night” with a mouth full of gauze, insisting, “I actually know the words!”

Most importantly, never forget that Jessica Simpson walked (into a Red Robin with her best friend CaCee Cobb after eye surgery) so that the rest of these celebrities could fly.